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Cool Springs 4100

General Deadlines in Tennessee

January 1 Assessment Date
February 1 Personal Property Returns mailed to businesses
February 28 Last day to pay the preceding year's taxes for all counties and most cities
March 1 Delinquency date for preceding year's taxes
March 1 Last day to initiate correction of error for preceding year
March 1 Personal Property Returns Due
March 1 Deadline to apply for greenbelt, except in reappraisal counties. In a reappraisal year, applications are due before adjournment of the County Board of Equalization (CBOE)
April 1 Mobile Home forms due
April 1 Delinquent tax listing for the second preceding year turned over for suit
May Prior to May 20, assessment records are made available to public. Notice is printed concerning CBOE meeting and appointment dates
May 20 Assessment change notices mailed
May 20 Deadline to file for exemptions
June 1 CBOE begins meeting
July Tax rates are usually set by end of July
August 1 Deadline to file to State Board of Equalization (or forty-five days from date of notice of CBOE action, whichever is later)
September 1 Deadline to file an amended personal property return, back assessment or reassessment
September 1 Last day for new construction to be complete for proration
October 1 Current year's taxes become due and payable

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